Release of Fuzzle CMS 3.7 version – new eCommerce module!

August 13th, 2010

eCommerce enInspite of enormously hot summer, we continue to improve Fuzzle CMS. New 3.7 version brought a feature many of you have been waiting for – eCommerce module.

This module allows you to build an online store with Fuzzle CMS. eCommerce module processes user actions very fast, as all changes are made within one page without reloading it or forwarding users to other pages of the website. Nothing will interrupt your customers from shopping now!

eCommerce module design is constructed like a Lego from the following widgets:

  • Add to basket button, that has adjustments like product name, amount, price by one item. Also, there is a possibility to go to shopping cart in one click;
  • automatically refreshing Link to Basket, that can show total price,  number of items in a basket or something else on your choise;
  • Basket, actually. Customers can change the amount of each item in a basket and delete unwanted items;
  • The button for Clearing the basket;
  • The button of Processing the order.

We insistently advice you to consider a demo page of new Fuzzle’s eCommerce module (thus you’ll have the better visual understanding of its usability). Later on, we will share an API of this module to encourage third party developers to create their own widgets for eCommerce websites.

Yours faithfully,

Fuzzle CMS Team.

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FLAscheme – lightweight and convenient diagram editor for your website

July 6th, 2010

Imagine you want to describe rather complicated information or structure to a number of people: your colleagues, clients or your website visitors, in an accessible way. Instead of making long descriptions or detailed instructions you’d rather use graphic schemes and diagrams, wouldn’t you? But it can take a hard designer’s work or a large amount of your personal time. With FLAscheme the problem of collective diagram building is solved completely!

New product of Fuzzle CMS developers, FLAscheme,  is based on a Flash technology and allows creating and editing diagrams right on your website in a fascinating way – using visual editing. The system provides a wide range of tools for scheme construction: large collection of designer’s icons, various types of arrows and pointers, text fields. Creating new element requires just 2 mouse clicks, and then you can move them by simple drag and drop.  All icons and arrows are drawn by professional designers, so there is no need to search for them in the internet or give additional work to your designer.

Watch this video to learn the process of diagram creation using FLAscheme:

Each element can be decorated with frames of different size and color, with a background or outer glow. Also, FLAscheme affords to supply blocks with tooltips. Shortcuts will help you to achieve even better speed of diagram creation.

Where use of the diagrams most appropriate? First, it is business process description, when you need to create effective team collaboration between co-workers and partners. For instance, by drawing a detailed scheme of two department’s interaction, you can save a lot of time that could be spent on a word description. Later on you and others will be able to edit the scheme at any time.

Second, such system can be successfully used in multiple user generated content websites and corporate wiki-style documentation projects thanks to pretty easy visual editing feature. The most striking example of multiple user generated content system is Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia. Also there is a lot of other user edited websites, based on wiki engines. FLAscheme can be integrated into such system, adding one more degree of freedom – ability to create editable diagrams.

Currently FLAscheme contains modules for MediaWiki, WackoWiki and WikkaWiki, soon the module for Drupal will arrive. FLAscheme developers claim their product can be integrated in any CMS and give a detailed scheme of how to perform it.

You can test FLAscheme online on a demo page. To get a better understanding of what scheme types can be constructed using FLAscheme look at a number of cases: business diagram, website prototype and funny scheme. You can get an unlimited free version for home use or free 15-day trial to install on your website on a “Download FLAscheme” page. Purchasing the system you have to pay only once.

Schematize your information for better team collaboration!

Faithfully yours,
Fuzzle Team

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New widgets: RSS reader, mp3 player and 3D vertical gallery

April 21st, 2010

April is the month when nature wakes up and, the trees are in full bud, birds tweet and the sun shines brighter.

We Fuzzle developers have released new “spring widgets” for you. Now we’ll describe the widgets in numerical order.

RSS reader

First widget, RSS reader, is designed for feeding your blog, Twitter or any other web source of information to Fuzzle site. RSS Reader allows to adjust not only technical parameters like number or daily posted news, data, time and headline format, but also the appearance of the widget. You can set the design for RSS Reader block, choose the behavior of news strings on mouse over and on mouse click. Look at the sample RSS Reader at Fuzzle homepage. Install this widget at your site and share your good news!

3D ver cover flowBy the means of the second widget, 3D Vertical Cover Flow, you can show photos at your site in an entirely new way. 3D graphical interface Cover Flow (that got a wide spread occurrence at Apple products) allows to smoothly turn photos over in vertical direction. The order of showing the pictures is defined by the user. Fuzzle site administrator can choose the pictures for widget, supply them with text descriptions and adjust the size and appearance of each widget’s element. For instance, choose a relative size of text field, large images field and preview images field.

Also, the absolute size of image previews and decoration effects for all images can be set.

mp3 playerThe third and the last widget is well known musical MP3 player. But only in multimedia Fuzzle CMS MP3 player has highly adjustable decoration effects:

  • you can choose any color gamut you want;
  • you can set track strings state on mouse over and mouse click;
  • you can even select block appearance.

Taking into account that you also can easily change player size, select the gap between the track strings and music start mode, we could surely say that MP3 player will have a splendid integration with your website design.

P.S. Now Fuzzle CMS has Twitter! Follow us at @fuzzle_cms and you will not miss any update!

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Fuzzle CMS 3.6 & new Menu Widgets

March 16th, 2010

We’ve released the next version of Fuzzle CMS – 3.6. New version brings more shortcuts, new features for buttons on Fuzzle websites and ability to embed video from Youtube!

We are always trying to make our flash CMS more user friendly. Here is the list of  innovations for users:

  • New ways of button highlinting for ‘Button with Text’ component (view an example);
  • Youtube video support in video block;
  • New keyboard shortcuts in text editor:
    • Ctrl+B — make text Bold
    • Ctrl+I — make text Italic
    • Ctrl+U — Underline the text
    • Ctrl+L — insert ‘Lorem ipsum…’ text :)

There are also innovations for developers, using Fuzzle open API. New components ‘FZTextButton’ and ‘FZAbstractButton’ are designed to simplify the process of any Widget and Menu component development, including button development.

In addition, we performed a special set of Menu Widgets, that use the advantages of renewed API. There are 3 types of Menu: horizontal, vertical and vertical drop menu (view examples).
All three Widgets are available for free (you can download installation package here); moreover, soon we’ll open their source code to give you the possibility to modify them for your needs.

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Web site templates at Fuzzle CMS

February 27th, 2010

Along with 3.5 version of Fuzzle CMS release we’ve desided to create our own site templates collection. We sincerely hope our users will appreciate this new feature. Site templates is a convenient and rather inexpensive way to create site design for the minimum of time. With a ready-made template you just have to fill your web site with appropriate content and images. Though, using site template doesn’t mean you couldn’t make some changes in site design (and even completely modify it).

Out templates store contains 5 wonderful templates by now.


personal2 personal1

Among these 5 templates there are templates that will ideally suit for personal site, online business card for a photostudio,  hotel web-page or day SPA site. For intance, 360 panoram template gives a  possibility to put a detailed sphere panorama at the home page. Template from  SPA-salon category affords to create pleasant atmosphere for site visitors thanks to beautiful music and aesthetic transitions between the pages (made with so called splash screens appeared in 3.5 version). You can view templates in detail at page. This page will be constantly updated with new templates. To see a sample web site made using any of presented teplates, click “View in FULLSCREEN mode” button.

Web designers are welcome to create new templates for Fuzzle having a certain percentage of the profit. We are also interested in mutually benefitial cooperation with web studios, that can have 20% of revenue. Thus, by selling a licensed copy of Fuzzle CMS with a template, the stidio can receive (475€+75€)*20% = 110€.

If you have any question regarding cooperation with Fuzzle use our contact form please. We’ll be glad to hear from you. :)

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Fuzzle CMS 3.5 — we are going forward!

February 14th, 2010

I want to lift veil of mystery around the process of Fuzzle releases. Curiously enough, it has a low correlation with marketing.

After each version release we and our partners start to create new sites using our CMS. Here it begins: “Can you do this?” – “mmm… if to think about it, then it surely possible…”. So the first, second, third feature come to life.  At some moment we realize that instead of heaps of patches we’d better to make a new release. So this release contains a number of new carefully tested features.


Well, in our new 3.5 version we are glad to present you:

  • Multiple Selection of blocks – the hero of this version. We have significantly improved our visial editor, now it is possible to select and move several blocks at the same time.  Designers will, undoubtedly, appreciate our efforts. Similarly, operations of duplication, block copying, block decoration and applying of effects are now applicable to all selected blocks. Currently editor works in Beta. If you’ll find any bugs – don’t hesitate to tell us :)
  • Keyboard shortcuts. We’ve put in use a number of popular ones:
    • Ctrl + C — block copying;
    • Ctrl + V — pastes the last copied element (block, or effect, or decoration);
    • Ctrl + E — effect copying;
    • Ctrl + A — selection of all blocks.
  • A number of additional features:
  • and some other additions like:
    • optimization of loading speed thanks to JS-files merge;
    • localization in Portuguese Brazilian :)

To test all new features of Fuzzle CMS 3.5 just download a distribution from our site.  You can use the demo version for an unlimited period of time!

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First time for FLASH-sites: ready advertising solution for user photo collages!

December 26th, 2009

From now on sites made using Fuzzle CMS can be beautiful, convenient, full of useful info and… entertaining! Well, we always like to feel joy :-)

In association with project we propose you to open a photo lab for making photo collages at your Fuzzle-site. Put the photos in frames in homely phrase. In fact, this skill is not available to everybody.

Rather then tell you about such entertaining advantages, we’d better show HOW IT WORKS. Click on a botton, upload your own photo and – bang! – now your photo is into burning frame!

Look at 5 more examples of photo collages. And 200 more photo effects that you can easily place on your website. New Year, Love, Travelling, Nature and other themes are represented. Photo can be inscribed either into a frame, or several photos can be added into one collage. Some templates support 3D transitions of uploaded photos. Thanks to intellectual face detection algorithm putting the face into “facial” templates is as easy as ABC.

And this is not the end. We have a special offer for advertising agencies and those who are interested in unusual promotion. The offer includes:

  • developing of individual template for your advertising campain;
  • installing and adjusting of Funny Widget;
  • licenece for a commercial API key designed at 10, 1000, 1 000 000 photo processings a day – every amount is equal for our service!

The price of this offer starts just at 170€.

Sounds interesting? Contact us now!

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Release Fuzzle CMS 3.0. Enjoy new features.

November 21st, 2009

We’re glad to present you results of our hard work:  version 3.0 of Fuzzle CMS. And want to tell you what’s new in this version.

Fuzzle 3.0

For users:

  • Global site’s preloader is improved and possibility to set background color for main design and for preloader is added (test how proloader looks with different background colors);
  • New widget “Link: text with decoration” is added. With the help of this widget user can choose one of 3 button’s states, adjust font, font’s size and other font options (check out the examples);
  • The possibility to adjust preloaders’ color for video block and “Picture with zoom” block appeareance.

For HTML version:

  • Link for site’s indexing sets automatically;
  • Pages in HTML version now have fixed width of 960 pixels;
  • Ability to set your logo in HTML version is added;

For usability:

  • Objects are attached to this grid. Now  you can visualize this grid;
  • Page editing toolbar now have the buttons “Bring to front”, “Send to back” and “Adjust block’s size to its content”;
  • “Set the element first” and “Set the element last” buttons are added  into “Menu editor” and “Photo album editor”;
  • Animation speed is increased;
  • Single text block with scroll bar option instead of two blocks (one with scrolling, another without scrolling);
  • Surprise for Mac users: now mouse wheel is working! :) ;
  • Many checks on actions’ correctness are added.

For developers:

  • API for developing text elements and menus is added. In other words, now development of text menus, RSS-widgets, news feeds is much easier – you can delegate adjusting element’s design settings (like selection of fonts and colors) to Fuzzle API.

Experimental functions:

  • Now Fuzzle CMS supports Ctrl+”+” and Ctrl+”-” hotkeys for increasing/decreasing page size (like it is possible for HTML sites).
  • The possibility to set fading effect to loading design is added (so that loading design, even if it’s a picture, “appears” from the page). But as far as this option loads the CPU strongly, may be we’ll disable it.

Download link for new version can be found here. Documentation for developers will be updated as soon as possible.

Enjoy new version and feel free to send us your comments.

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Make info structured and menu intuitive

October 28th, 2009

Since now you will find a couple of new widgets in our Widget Store – Sliding Doors Menu widget and Vertical Catalog widget.

First widget will help you to create a super beautiful menu, which is pleasant to leaf over again and again. Properly chosen images for menu items will tell your visitors much more than standard text headers.

Sliding Doors Menu for blog

Sliding Doors widget has customizable item size, number of items, and appearance settings of menu block.

The second widget allows creating vertical lists or catalogs. Each item in list has a text and image components. Images are zoomable.

Vertical Catalog

You can adjust images’ size and images’ appearance settings as well as text placement and the way of block’s appearance and presence.

Nice navigation widget ships for 15€. Visual cataloguing  widget ships for 10€.

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FREE musical widgets for Fuzzle CMS

October 6th, 2009

Simple MP3 Player and MP3 Button. Now your flash site can be called really multimedia website with the ability to add photos, videos and music!

Now let us briethly describe the widgets (that are pure FREE by the way ;) ).

The first one, Simple MP3 Player, is designed to play mp3 playlists, which are administrated just like existing Fuzzle photo- and media- galleries. You can customize start mode (auto start or start on demand) and the set of player’s components such as track list and loading progress bar.

The secont one, MP3 Button, is an ideal solution for adding background music to your site. Visitors could easily switch on or switch off the melody with one button click. Customizable settings of this widget are:

  • start mode (auto start or start on demand);
  • button color for better compatibilty with site design;
  • volume rate;
  • animation speed.

We are happy to give you both these widgets for free! We sure it will make Fuzzle’s multimedia possibilities availble for wide range of users.

Stay with us!

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