Fuzzle CMS 3.5 — we are going forward!

I want to lift veil of mystery around the process of Fuzzle releases. Curiously enough, it has a low correlation with marketing.

After each version release we and our partners start to create new sites using our CMS. Here it begins: “Can you do this?” – “mmm… if to think about it, then it surely possible…”. So the first, second, third feature come to life.  At some moment we realize that instead of heaps of patches we’d better to make a new release. So this release contains a number of new carefully tested features.


Well, in our new 3.5 version we are glad to present you:

  • Multiple Selection of blocks – the hero of this version. We have significantly improved our visial editor, now it is possible to select and move several blocks at the same time.  Designers will, undoubtedly, appreciate our efforts. Similarly, operations of duplication, block copying, block decoration and applying of effects are now applicable to all selected blocks. Currently editor works in Beta. If you’ll find any bugs – don’t hesitate to tell us :)
  • Keyboard shortcuts. We’ve put in use a number of popular ones:
    • Ctrl + C — block copying;
    • Ctrl + V — pastes the last copied element (block, or effect, or decoration);
    • Ctrl + E — effect copying;
    • Ctrl + A — selection of all blocks.
  • A number of additional features:
  • and some other additions like:
    • optimization of loading speed thanks to JS-files merge;
    • localization in Portuguese Brazilian :)

To test all new features of Fuzzle CMS 3.5 just download a distribution from our site.  You can use the demo version for an unlimited period of time!

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