Fuzzle CMS 3.6 & new Menu Widgets

We’ve released the next version of Fuzzle CMS – 3.6. New version brings more shortcuts, new features for buttons on Fuzzle websites and ability to embed video from Youtube!

We are always trying to make our flash CMS more user friendly. Here is the list of  innovations for users:

  • New ways of button highlinting for ‘Button with Text’ component (view an example);
  • Youtube video support in video block;
  • New keyboard shortcuts in text editor:
    • Ctrl+B — make text Bold
    • Ctrl+I — make text Italic
    • Ctrl+U — Underline the text
    • Ctrl+L — insert ‘Lorem ipsum…’ text :)

There are also innovations for developers, using Fuzzle open API. New components ‘FZTextButton’ and ‘FZAbstractButton’ are designed to simplify the process of any Widget and Menu component development, including button development.

In addition, we performed a special set of Menu Widgets, that use the advantages of renewed API. There are 3 types of Menu: horizontal, vertical and vertical drop menu (view examples).
All three Widgets are available for free (you can download installation package here); moreover, soon we’ll open their source code to give you the possibility to modify them for your needs.

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2 Responses to “Fuzzle CMS 3.6 & new Menu Widgets”

  1. Freeman says:

    Hmmm, an ability to embed video FRIM Youtube!
    That’s really sounds interesting ;)

  2. Info says:

    Thank you, attentive Freeman! The misprint is fixed )