New widgets: RSS reader, mp3 player and 3D vertical gallery

April is the month when nature wakes up and, the trees are in full bud, birds tweet and the sun shines brighter.

We Fuzzle developers have released new “spring widgets” for you. Now we’ll describe the widgets in numerical order.

RSS reader

First widget, RSS reader, is designed for feeding your blog, Twitter or any other web source of information to Fuzzle site. RSS Reader allows to adjust not only technical parameters like number or daily posted news, data, time and headline format, but also the appearance of the widget. You can set the design for RSS Reader block, choose the behavior of news strings on mouse over and on mouse click. Look at the sample RSS Reader at Fuzzle homepage. Install this widget at your site and share your good news!

3D ver cover flowBy the means of the second widget, 3D Vertical Cover Flow, you can show photos at your site in an entirely new way. 3D graphical interface Cover Flow (that got a wide spread occurrence at Apple products) allows to smoothly turn photos over in vertical direction. The order of showing the pictures is defined by the user. Fuzzle site administrator can choose the pictures for widget, supply them with text descriptions and adjust the size and appearance of each widget’s element. For instance, choose a relative size of text field, large images field and preview images field.

Also, the absolute size of image previews and decoration effects for all images can be set.

mp3 playerThe third and the last widget is well known musical MP3 player. But only in multimedia Fuzzle CMS MP3 player has highly adjustable decoration effects:

  • you can choose any color gamut you want;
  • you can set track strings state on mouse over and mouse click;
  • you can even select block appearance.

Taking into account that you also can easily change player size, select the gap between the track strings and music start mode, we could surely say that MP3 player will have a splendid integration with your website design.

P.S. Now Fuzzle CMS has Twitter! Follow us at @fuzzle_cms and you will not miss any update!

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