FLAscheme – lightweight and convenient diagram editor for your website

Imagine you want to describe rather complicated information or structure to a number of people: your colleagues, clients or your website visitors, in an accessible way. Instead of making long descriptions or detailed instructions you’d rather use graphic schemes and diagrams, wouldn’t you? But it can take a hard designer’s work or a large amount of your personal time. With FLAscheme the problem of collective diagram building is solved completely!

New product of Fuzzle CMS developers, FLAscheme,  is based on a Flash technology and allows creating and editing diagrams right on your website in a fascinating way – using visual editing. The system provides a wide range of tools for scheme construction: large collection of designer’s icons, various types of arrows and pointers, text fields. Creating new element requires just 2 mouse clicks, and then you can move them by simple drag and drop.  All icons and arrows are drawn by professional designers, so there is no need to search for them in the internet or give additional work to your designer.

Watch this video to learn the process of diagram creation using FLAscheme:

Each element can be decorated with frames of different size and color, with a background or outer glow. Also, FLAscheme affords to supply blocks with tooltips. Shortcuts will help you to achieve even better speed of diagram creation.

Where use of the diagrams most appropriate? First, it is business process description, when you need to create effective team collaboration between co-workers and partners. For instance, by drawing a detailed scheme of two department’s interaction, you can save a lot of time that could be spent on a word description. Later on you and others will be able to edit the scheme at any time.

Second, such system can be successfully used in multiple user generated content websites and corporate wiki-style documentation projects thanks to pretty easy visual editing feature. The most striking example of multiple user generated content system is Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia. Also there is a lot of other user edited websites, based on wiki engines. FLAscheme can be integrated into such system, adding one more degree of freedom – ability to create editable diagrams.

Currently FLAscheme contains modules for MediaWiki, WackoWiki and WikkaWiki, soon the module for Drupal will arrive. FLAscheme developers claim their product can be integrated in any CMS and give a detailed scheme of how to perform it.

You can test FLAscheme online on a demo page. To get a better understanding of what scheme types can be constructed using FLAscheme look at a number of cases: business diagram, website prototype and funny scheme. You can get an unlimited free version for home use or free 15-day trial to install on your website on a “Download FLAscheme” page. Purchasing the system you have to pay only once.

Schematize your information for better team collaboration!

Faithfully yours,
Fuzzle Team

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