Release of Fuzzle CMS 3.7 version – new eCommerce module!

eCommerce enInspite of enormously hot summer, we continue to improve Fuzzle CMS. New 3.7 version brought a feature many of you have been waiting for – eCommerce module.

This module allows you to build an online store with Fuzzle CMS. eCommerce module processes user actions very fast, as all changes are made within one page without reloading it or forwarding users to other pages of the website. Nothing will interrupt your customers from shopping now!

eCommerce module design is constructed like a Lego from the following widgets:

  • Add to basket button, that has adjustments like product name, amount, price by one item. Also, there is a possibility to go to shopping cart in one click;
  • automatically refreshing Link to Basket, that can show total price,  number of items in a basket or something else on your choise;
  • Basket, actually. Customers can change the amount of each item in a basket and delete unwanted items;
  • The button for Clearing the basket;
  • The button of Processing the order.

We insistently advice you to consider a demo page of new Fuzzle’s eCommerce module (thus you’ll have the better visual understanding of its usability). Later on, we will share an API of this module to encourage third party developers to create their own widgets for eCommerce websites.

Yours faithfully,

Fuzzle CMS Team.

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