Fuzzle CMS is arriving soon!

Have you ever thought of making a handy web site with attractive flash animations, cool design and high user friendliness? If you say “Yes! But it takes too much time and efforts…” then let us introduce you our upcoming  solution – a revolutionary system of flash-site management Fuzzle CMS!

Fuzzle CMS embraces new technologies and due to it Flash-site, which used to fall under the category of elite product and was affordable only for fewer people, will enter the field of available merchandise, combining high quality and moderate price.

With Fuzzle CMS you could easily perform design integration, add lots of cool animation effects, upload various content such as .DOC, .XLS or .PPT files and optimize your site for search engines (SEO). Due to extremely convenient site administration process you could update the site and upload new data without outside assistance.

Now we are preparing English version of our site… and we are going to appear on the market soon. So stay tuned!

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