Release Fuzzle CMS 3.0. Enjoy new features.

We’re glad to present you results of our hard work:  version 3.0 of Fuzzle CMS. And want to tell you what’s new in this version.

Fuzzle 3.0

For users:

  • Global site’s preloader is improved and possibility to set background color for main design and for preloader is added (test how proloader looks with different background colors);
  • New widget “Link: text with decoration” is added. With the help of this widget user can choose one of 3 button’s states, adjust font, font’s size and other font options (check out the examples);
  • The possibility to adjust preloaders’ color for video block and “Picture with zoom” block appeareance.

For HTML version:

  • Link for site’s indexing sets automatically;
  • Pages in HTML version now have fixed width of 960 pixels;
  • Ability to set your logo in HTML version is added;

For usability:

  • Objects are attached to this grid. Now  you can visualize this grid;
  • Page editing toolbar now have the buttons “Bring to front”, “Send to back” and “Adjust block’s size to its content”;
  • “Set the element first” and “Set the element last” buttons are added  into “Menu editor” and “Photo album editor”;
  • Animation speed is increased;
  • Single text block with scroll bar option instead of two blocks (one with scrolling, another without scrolling);
  • Surprise for Mac users: now mouse wheel is working! :) ;
  • Many checks on actions’ correctness are added.

For developers:

  • API for developing text elements and menus is added. In other words, now development of text menus, RSS-widgets, news feeds is much easier – you can delegate adjusting element’s design settings (like selection of fonts and colors) to Fuzzle API.

Experimental functions:

  • Now Fuzzle CMS supports Ctrl+”+” and Ctrl+”-” hotkeys for increasing/decreasing page size (like it is possible for HTML sites).
  • The possibility to set fading effect to loading design is added (so that loading design, even if it’s a picture, “appears” from the page). But as far as this option loads the CPU strongly, may be we’ll disable it.

Download link for new version can be found here. Documentation for developers will be updated as soon as possible.

Enjoy new version and feel free to send us your comments.

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